“What Do You Want From Me?”

‘Imagine you have a business. You’ve built it up through hard work and effort. It’s worth $1.0 million to you.

Suddenly the sales start going down. Your livelihood is in jeopardy. Your wife and family’s livelihood are in jeopardy. What do you want from me? Fine writing? Or would you like to see the goddam sales curve stop going down and start going up?’

Rosser Reeves

What I’ll do for you

If what you want from me is to boost sales, then Rosser Reeves’s statement above sums up what I will do for you.

Because, if you’re going to pay me or anyone else, money, then either one of us is going to have to make even more for you from your investment, shouldn’t we?

Fine writing is fine, but I’m guessing you’ll prefer writing that makes your sales curve go up and up!

Are you tired of seeing your sales go down? Worried how you’ll pay your staff, your rent, and yourself? Worried how you’ll pay off your inventory and the bills?

Some of you have invested way too much for your business to fail. Money is one… Time is another. I’m sure some of you have invested lots of time.. Time that sometimes takes you away from your family. Or takes you away from your children… And you reach home only when your children are asleep, and leave before they wake.

Don’t want to lose your precious invested time, sweat, blood tears and money to a downturn?

Not to worry, I’m here for you.

Are you a bicycle shop or small business owner?

Are you looking to open a bike shop? Are you a small business looking to distribute? Or are you already a bike shop owner or distributor, and looking to boost your sales?

Thanks to my last job (for which I’m utterly grateful for) I’ve had a few good years doing sales and marketing. I sold mid to high-end road bicycles, and have learnt quite a lot about getting sales.

And more importantly… Getting repeat sales!

What I can tell you is that many are leaving money on the table, simply because they neglect to do some things.. Or to even do some things more often.

Simple things ignored

I’m not going to lie to you, these are simple things that can and should be done for businesses like yours to get more sales.

But yet, many don’t do it.

You’re probably thinking, “If it’s so simple, why aren’t people doing it?”

Shouldn’t getting sales be a simple thing? Open a shop.. Run some advertisements.. Ask friends to promote your shop and location etc etc.

Make no mistake though, the simplest things have complicated and detailed thought put into them, are well-designed and do such a good job that you don’t stop to think twice about it.

You just keep using it over and over again.

The simplest things become invisible to the users, and ignored and taken for granted by most.

An example of the simplest thing

After all…

When was the last time you looked at your doorknob?

This is an example of the simplest thing, well-designed, doing its job well – which is to let you open the door or keep it closed behind you – and ignored by many.

Even you.

But yet, just think how much engineering and manufacturing know-how went into designing a doorknob that won’t fail after decades of use? A doorknob that doesn’t break, is ergonomic, fits into your hand well and doesn’t pinch your flesh during use?

If you’d like to improve your business and make more money, why not let me take a look and see how it can be done for you?

These will be simple ideas that have detailed thought behind them.

These will be ideas and tactics boost your sales and bottom line.

And if you’re one of the few who end up knowing what you’re doing with your marketing, don’t you think you’d survive better, do better and make more?

After all, if you looked at the number of businesses and bicycle shops that opened in recent years, you’ll notice that many of them have shut down as well.

Is it possible for you hit $300,000 in sales a month? More often?

And if you’re also selling a range of mid to high-end products, there is no reason why you, as a bicycle shop or retail owner, cannot hit $300,000 in sales figures at least a few times a year. (And you should be selling at least one high-end item, because that’s where the money will be for you.)

Why not $300,000 every month? That’d be great, and not impossible, for sure!

But I won’t make you empty promises that you can make $300,000/month immediately.

Things like these take time. And if you’re in the long run for your business as I will be for yours, it means that both of us are invested for the long-term.

Now, if you looked at your retail sales curve for the past few years, you’d notice at least 2 gradual dips during certain months of the year.

The lowest dips would probably be June/July and November/December, when people start going on holidays, and you have less walk-in customers.

Now, could campaigns be planned to bolster quiet months?

Of course they can.

The simplest thing you can do for your livelihood

Don’t wait till you’re struggling before you seek help. Remember, it takes time for even a strong oak tree to grow. Why wait for a downturn take away your business and affect the livelihood of you and your family?

Remember, it is the simple things you do that will help your business.

The simplest thing you can do right now, is to fill out the contact form below to find out what I can do for you, today!

Remember, I sell and I write to sell… Or your money back. Guaranteed.

Don’t take what I say for granted. See what some customers had to say about me:

From my personal experience and observation with Theo… he appreciates and knows that this is one of the most powerful marketing and sales techniques any business can employ.

Mr. Tan Chian Khong

I felt I was talking to a friend and fellow bike enthusiast instead of a sale person. He gained my trust. Base on my personal experience and observation of Theo’s work ethic and his engaging personality, I believe he will be a valuable addition to any institution.

Mr. Calvin Fong

What made Theo convince me to buy was his ability to build rapport and connect with people, and his sincerity and understanding of what customers really want. In my opinion, many business models lack understanding of business ethics, customer satisfaction, and after-sales service support, as well as the power of customers’ word of mouth. Theo… took pride in his work and managed to give me the conviction and satisfaction moving forward.

Mr. Daniel Tan

P.S. One complaint you may have is your magazine ad not getting you any enquiries or business at all. This is where copywriting comes in. Good copywriting makes your ad get you a response.

However, copywriting and marketing go hand-in-hand, and your sales processes also play a huge part.

Imagine if you had a successful ad that brought people to your shop, but they received poor service.. Guess where they will go to air their grievances?

Facebook. Or online forums.

They will tell their friends, and their bad experience will spread like wildfire. Your successful ad, through no fault of its own, just had an opposite effect on your business.

But only because your marketing and sales process wasn’t looked into first.

This is why you find that most, if not all, direct response copywriters also provide marketing and consultant services. It all goes hand in hand to make your business successful.

If you want to improve your sales and business, don’t wait, let me help. Drop me a note today!

To repeat, I sell and I write to sell… Or your money back. Guaranteed.