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What do customers say about me? Read on…

From my personal experience and observation with Theo… he appreciates and knows that this is one of the most powerful marketing and sales techniques any business can employ.

Mr. Tan Chian Khong

I felt I was talking to a friend and fellow bike enthusiast instead of a sale person. He gained my trust. Base on my personal experience and observation of Theo’s work ethic and his engaging personality, I believe he will be a valuable addition to any institution.

Mr. Calvin Fong

What made Theo convince me to buy was his ability to build rapport and connect with people, and his sincerity and understanding of what customers really want. In my opinion, many business models lack understanding of business ethics, customer satisfaction, and after-sales service support, as well as the power of customers’ word of mouth. Theo… took pride in his work and managed to give me the conviction and satisfaction moving forward.

Mr. Daniel Tan