Singapore Airshow 2016 Exclusive Sneak Preview

Welcome to the Singapore Airshow 2016…

Or rather, the sneak preview!

A group of us (bloggers, photographers and fans) were given a golden chance by the RSAF (The Republic of Singapore Air Force) to enjoy an exclusive sneak preview at this year’s Airshow, and also to catch the F-15SG Eagle and Apache pilots before they kitted up and went for their rehearsals! We were also given a glimpse of the background unsung heroes like the Dedicated Crew Chief and other ground staff who have a hand in preparing the aircraft which guard our skies.

If you’re going to the Singapore Airshow on the 20th and 21st Feb, be sure to catch the RSAF’s F-15SG performance together with the AH-64 Apache… and also the acrobatic team from the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) and more!

For aerobatic flying display timings, check out the official event site’s schedule here.

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